Social Service 2018

Houston Harvey Recovery 2017-2018

From August 17th to September 3rd, Harvey dropped 40-61 inches of rainfall in southeast Texas.  Houston city and suburbs were severely affected by it. Many people were also severely affected by this calamity.

Harvey took away some of our comfort, some of our material possession, many of people’s belonging, many of people’s houses, and it even took away the life of some unfortunate people.  Unfortunately, many of our community member were also affected by this. One of them was Mr Snow and his family, who lives in Pasadena. They were one of the victim of the hurricane. Their house was severely flooded.

One of our Brother visited them. He discovered that their house was not only affected by the hurricane, it was also  deemed inadequate as a place for living. The whole house were molded and broken due to some water leakage. The outside wall and the bottom side of the house were rotten. Furthermore, Mr Snow is also very ill. Hence, he couldn’t fully support his family. They are having difficulties to rebuild their life after Harvey. In Prophetic Narration, God will say on the Day of Judgment, ‘Son of Adam, I was sick but you did not visit Me.’

‘My Lord, How could I visit You when You are the Lord of the Worlds?’ ‘Did you not know that one of My servants was sick and you didn’t visit him? If you had visited him you would have found Me there.’


Alhamdoulillah, our community has been blessed with many open hearted, generous, and kind people. Not only that they are willing to generously donate money, many of them were also participating in many volunteering opportunities to help those family in need.  Especially for Mr. Snow’s family.

Group of individuals and Islamic organization (Indonesian BaitulMaal, Masjid Istiqlal & Clear Lake community) have helped collecting and fundraising donations for the family. Further more, other       communities, Indonesian and Non Indonesian (Moslem c& Non Moslem community in Houston & Dallas) also eagerly helped the family. In the end, more than $30,000 (plus building materials & furnitures) was collected from various groups of generous people. The money, furnitures,  and materials were intended to be used for rebuilding their house. Verily, action speaks truer than words. Because of this, a project to rebuild their house was initiated in early September 2017.. They demolished, cleaned, & participated in rebuilding the house from the flooding. Molded drywalls from all rooms were removed. Damaged floors were demolished.  Rotten base, studs, frames, and pillars have been fixed and replaced with new woods. Living room and kitchen were remodeled and that’s to be replaced with new open design. Some of broken structure from water leakage were fixed.  Piping is being replaced by CPVC. The outside wall of the house will be protected and surrounded by elevated concrete. This is to shield it away the house from future flooding. Renovation of this house was finally completed in January 2018.