Our Programs

Educational programThroughout history, the value of education has been universally well-recognized as a fundamental human right. Education not only opens doors of opportunity to a better living standard, it also broadens our views about world affairs and social norms around the world, helping us become more tolerant and law-abiding citizens. Illiteracy is not caused by a lack of intelligence; rather it is often a result of outside factors that can be addressed. Our educational program includes two projects: Mobile Libraries and Smart Computer Goes to Village Project

Indonesian North American Muslim Youth (INAMY) – Empowering Indonesian youth in North America to be a committed and balance muslim by building a solid understanding of Islamic principles and put it into practice.

Helping Hand – We accept your generous donation to actively helping our brothers and sisters in North America and Indonesia during times of natural disaster. We also provide financial assistance for Indonesian family in North America to help them pay their hospital and burial expenses.

Zakah Collection РZakah purifies your wealth, is one of the five pillars of Islam, and is expected to be paid by all practicing Muslims who have the financial means (nisab). In addition to their zakah obligations, Muslims are encouraged to make voluntary contributions (sadaqat).

Dakwah Program – Latihan Kajian Islam Intensif (LKII) adalah program tahunan masyarakat muslim Indonesia di Amerika Utara yang bertujuan sebagai sarana pembinaan akhlak-ul-karimah yang dimulai sejak tahun 1994. Saat itu bernama Latihan Kepemimpinan Manajemen Islam (LKMI), dengan instruktur Bapak Imaduddin Abdulrahim Ph.D. Program ini dilahirkan atas kerjasama ICMI, Islamic Network (ISNET), Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Indonesia di AS (PERMIAS), dan kelompok-kelompok pengajian lokal di Amerika Utara.